Monday, February 25, 2013

Pictures!! Yay!!

Yes, I was able to get a couple of pictures. They were needed for my entry into this year's FAN show--Fibrescapes.

Several posts (months?) ago I spoke of some painted fish, and those are now done.  I had a terrible time coming up with a method of colouring the background fabric,and after several attempts at controlled painting, ended up going back to the" tried and true" low water immersion dyeing.  The fish, themselves, are painted on a separate piece of white fabric and then cut out and fused onto the background, before being augmented with thread painting.  In my research into Carp I found such variety of shape and colour (mainly colour) that I felt I had no choice but to use a stylized version of the fish.  So if you find errors in the anatomy of the Carp, keep it to yourself.  The background fabric is really much brighter, but I covered it with a layer of printed organza, to create the idea of the fish being under water. In the close-up photo, this creates some lines that aren't really there, but almost seem to add a bit to the picture.

The second piece was almost a last minute addition.  I continue to enjoy the results of low water immersion dyeing with old cotton Damask linens.  The colours seem to glow.  With Resurrection all of the components have some aspect of recycling/re-purposing.  The Cotton Damask was bought at a thrift store and dyed.  The Tyvek is from a mailing envelope. It was altered with heat and then hand painted.  Most of the beads were left over from other projects, or bought at garage sales and flea markets, but  I had to buy two short strands of yellow turquoise for the colour.

I'm finding that I don't really like using the cotton Damask for binding.  It is just too loosely woven for any strength, and the grain lines keep bending.  Lesson learned.

I have one last picture to add. Just before Christmas I used some of the mono-prints I had been making, and made up some smaller, shoulder purses. they are heavily machine quilted, and beaded.  I took three of them into a gallery, where they were well received, and then later, took three into another gallery, where they are now offered for sale.  Here is a picture.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

With a little help from my Friends.....

Last evening was the monthly meeting of my informal fibre art group, who call themselves Ravenesque.  Two of these ladies had been in my class on Saturday, and brought their samples to the meeting last night.  We all ended up having an excellent discussion about such things as why we go to workshops, and what makes a good workshop ( they loved my handouts).  We also spent time talking about how the workshop they had attended could have been revised/changed  etc..  Many good points, and well worth hearing.  As a result, it looks like I may be asked to teach the workshop again to a different group of people, and there was a fair bit of support for a second workshop that would include those items I have been forced to remove from the first one, as well as a section on feathers.  Very good information.  They supported the idea that I should expand the workshop to two days, but make sure that each days presentations could be offered as stand alone classes.  Very do-able.

The best part?  Now I get to make more samples.  I love these small, short-term projects!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Test Class

As a teacher, I try to test a prospective class on a small group before actually teaching it for the first time.  This is not unusual, and many teaching contracts allow for it, under certain conditions.  I was able  to do this yesterday with the Advanced machine Quilting class I will be teaching next month.  A test class can be a very valuable enterprise. My classes tend to include too much, resulting in a rushed class, and frustrated students, so I am very aware of how much time various parts of the class may take to complete.  Sure enough, I tried to do too much in this class as well.  Now I have to trim it down by about an hour.  This will actually be much easier than trying to add an hour, as the writing and samples are already done, and can be put aside to maybe use in a follow-up class.  I also discovered that I had completely forgotten to prepare opening remarks.  Whoops!! What a way to start!