Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What do I want?

I've not been blogging because I think my blog is bo-o-oring, and because I'm betting not many people are reading it ( thinking of you Ada Betty--I know you read it). So how can I make it more interesting? I've been visiting other blogs, and I'm blown away with the pictures. I rarely take pictures and only when someone reminds me ( thank you Linda) that means that every time I want to post a picture I have to learn how to, all over again. (Mind you, maybe if I posted more often that wouldn't be a problem) But when I do post a picture, it slowly disappears as the blog entries scroll away. I guess I want a section where the pictures can stay forever. I like the way Roseanne has several different sections according to what her interests are. I don't have a lot of varied interests, though. I want a picture of me--guess that means taking one. I had my passport picture taken this morning--oh oh--noblog pictures of this face! I like Linda's little moving slide show of her quilts. Most of my quilts hve gone to other homes--no pictures there.
AAARGh! How can I make this more interesting?