Monday, March 31, 2014

Small validations

I have mentioned over the last while that I was working on table runners that would be offered for sale at the recent quilt show.  These are a new product, so I only made six of them, just to see if there might be a market for them.  Well, 4 of the 6 sold.  I know that two sold to people who follow my work and that was wonderful, but I have no idea who might have purchased the other two.  Regardless, 66% of what was offered found a new home, which tells me that this new skill area, that I have never before offered for sale, has possibilities.

My two excursions to the quilt show were gratifying in another way.  Trudging around with my walker, with DH along for the ride, I was constantly stopped by people whom I have not seen over the past two years ( I  have found Guild meetings difficult to attend for a number of reasons, one of which is that it is just too big and too busy and too noisy for this old lady).  I had many very nice conversations, touched base with several old friends, and even ran into a woman I used to work with, and very much enjoyed catching up with things at the old job.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Today was the day

In my previous post, I mentioned saving money to buy thread at a local quilt show.  Yes, today was the day.  DH and I planned the excursion carefully.  We decided on a time of day that we thought would be less busy ( we were wrong!).  We took cash, as well as a back up credit card with just enough room on it to keep us in budget.  Knowing that there would be crowds and lots of walking and standing, we hauled out the old wheeled walker so that I could sit, if necessary.

The first booth we came to was the thread vendor I was looking for--Cotton Mill Threadworks, out of Dundas ON. I bought what I wanted.  This is not to say that I went berserk.  I had an idea of what thread I was looking for, but didn't necessarily have a colour in mind.  I also had the requirements for a couple of projects at the back of my mind.
Does this look like over $300.00?  Well, it represents $302.75.  

Now I have to find another excuse to not be busy in the studio.  But, to be fair, all of these are specialty threads, and most of the cones hold more than 2000 yds.  And there are three packages of titanium coated needles there as well.  My hope is that this will last me until the next quilt show in two years time.

Twice before in my life, I have had a somewhat similar experience.  Both times came after receiving an inheritance.  When you read advice to people who come into money, they are always told to take a little bit of it and do something frivolous.  Well, this wasn't "found" money, I worked hard for every bit of it, and then I enjoyed every minute of spending it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello Again

As you might guess, nothing in the blog means no action in the studio.  Health issues have really been at the for front over the past month or so, and studio time has been quite limited.  A basement studio isn't readily accessible when stairs are difficult.  And some of the drugs seem to suck the creativity right out of your soul.

But--experts say that when the Muse is on vacation, do something.  Sort fabric, paint or dye fabric, or just tidy the studio--but do something.  On those days when I can get into the studio, I can sit and piece scraps just fine--especially when DH is willing to do some cutting for me.  ( I think he just wants me to get into the studio and out of his hair, so is willing to facilitate)

In December, I made a bit of money selling my art.  I have saved it for two things.  Firstly, to pay a long armer to quilt the scrappy tops I have been making, and secondly, to buy good thread at the upcoming quilt show in my area.  I got two of the quilts back this week.

The first one has been waiting almost two years to be quilted.  The colour, in the photograph, is poor, as there is not a lot of value difference in the quilt, and the colours are relatively pastel, and all of a similar hue.  I have no idea what the pattern is, as it is a block I was given at a gathering quite some time ago.  I plan to use it one the bed in the spare room--if I can convince DH to let me remove the Cat Quilt that has been on there for about 15 years. The quilting is a very curvy pantograph, done in a pale green

The next one was developed as part of an informal quilt group I attend at my local senior's Centre.  One of the ladies was having difficulty with value and colour, so we looked for a pattern that didn't worry about either.  It is a very traditional 16 patch, which looks wonderful sashed with black.  The quilting is swirling free motion design, and done in a fairly dark grey.

The last one is the most recent, and is not yet fully pieced.  I had made twelve blocks when experimenting with a "Mile-a'Minute" piecing technique, and finally put them together with a dark brown sashing.  I love the colour blending.  I had hoped to be able to quilt this myself, but we'll wait and see how much money is left after I buy thread, at the end of the month.

I have now started piecing yet another one, this time in more "Modern" colours. I.E. very bright pure colours with large stretches of white or grey background.  I had been collecting fat quarters of "Modern" fabrics since last fall and only now had a chance to use them.  This is another pattern found on the internet, with no identified creator, so no way to give credit.  Since I do not plan to exhibit or sell it, I am comfortable with that.  While all of the cutting is done, I only have two blocks pieced out of 24, so you'll have to wait for a picture.