Monday, September 24, 2012

Pre-estate Sale

What a disaster!  I don't dare die yet as almost all of that fabric came back into the house last night.  A couple of the ladies sold well, but I mainly sold a couple of  small purses--the ones left over from last year's craft sales.

This all begs the question of what to do with it.  In the past I've tried to make utility quilts but that is so very labour intensive, and my heart isn't really there right now.  The small purses that sold were made from monoprints that I re-purposed into purses, as the print was just too ugly to use.  After thinking about this most of the night, and all day today, I wondered if I could paint or dye over the commercial prints that just have no use in my work. I've heard of artists  doing, this especially with print-making or fabric altering, where much of the surface is hidden quite nicely.  While the next little while will be spent on machinge quilting, fabric altering just  might be the next step

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tools in the Tool box.

Sorry, no pictures.  And DH thinks fixing a major problem in the bathroom is more important than buying a camera, so that I can post pictures on my blog!  Go figure!

This week I have been enjoying a Craftsy class on advanced Machine Quilting, with Cindy Needham.  Now, I have been a well experienced machine quilter, for years.  Wore out the internal cams of my beloved Kenmore flat deck sewing machine teaching myself.  But I have still  learned a lot from this course.My former mentor, now deceased, always said that if she learned just one thing in a workshop, it was time well spent.  The next step is to spend time practicing.  Whenever I have taught this, or even discussed it with other quilters, no-one ever seems to understand how very, very important the "practice" aspect of machine work is.

However, all of the energy and time devoted to this begs the question " How does improving my machine quilting impact my life as a fibre artist?"  This is just another tool in the tool box.  What I'm doing is increasing my technical skill.  This will not make me a better artist, but will make me better able to express myself and convey my message through my art.  So is it worth it?  Yes, even if it just increases my confidence in my ability to convey a message or idea.

This is the second class I've taken through Craftsy, the first being Jane Dunnewold's class on dyeing.  These classes have rejuvenated my spirit.  They have both spurred my creativity, and I am grateful for the opportunities they have given me.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Food for thought

Today I was visited by an old friend.  She is also a fibre artist,but has taken advantage of every opportunity to increase her skills and visibility.  She is now recognized for her knowledge and skill internationally, and is thoroughly enjoying her new life style. But she is also becoming aware of the price that she paid for this level of recognition, in terms of her ability to organize her own time and activities, and the impact on her family.

I have blogged in the past, about my tendency to sabotage my own "high falutin'"  ambitions/dreams, by not taking advantage of opportunities.  I've also spoken of my emerging recognition/acceptance of my position in life.  I realize that I am more or less happy where I am, and the life I lead.  This is in the nature of an epiphany.