Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting back into the studio

Slowly, the length of time I can sit with my feet dependent, is increasing, and I can now spend enough time in the studio to actually accomplish something.  I had two projects in mind for this stage of the things, a knitting bag made with hexies, and the small Hallowe'en quilt that I started before going in the hospital.  I wanted straight forward simple projects, as I knew my brain would be fuzzy as long as I was taking pain killers--and Tylenol counts as a pain killer and brain fogger--as I've found out.

The knitting bag is now finished.  Nothing worked out as I had planned, and --I swear--every step of the way had to be ripped out and re-done.  I still don't think the workmanship is up to snuff, but I don't plan to tell anyone.  The hexies were pieced by hand, but everything else was done by machine.

This afternoon I worked on the little Hallowe'en quilt.  All of the Flying Geese blocks had been pieced before I went in the hospital.  Today I pieced them into 5 long strips.  I had thought I had everything planned, but every time I counted them, first in groups of two's, then four's, and finally 8's, the count came out differently.  Finally I gave up and just pieced what I had.  The quilt will be slightly shorter, but does it matter?  Tomorrow I hope to get the top completely pieced, since it is basically done at this point.  Just a couple of borders.  ( I guess I'm living in a fool's paradise.--we'll see how it works out).

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