Sunday, January 21, 2018

Something entirely different

My newer, big machine has gone in for servicing.  Probably not any too soon--according to the technician.  This leaves me with my much older, and smaller machine.  I've held onto this machine, both as a backup machine, and because I find it much better for precision piecing than the newer machine.  Quite recently the opportunity arose to enter three small wall pieces into a traveling show.  Working small ( not miniature, but small scale) presents some unique challenges.  There is also a loose theme to the show, that has to be considered.  One of the techniques I've chosen is Seminole Patchwork.  There isn't much more demanding precision piecing than that!  I have also chosen to limit my colour choice to black and white.  Again, a somewhat very challenging colour scheme.  ( I thought about red and white, but that's been done to death over the past year of celebrating Canad'a 150th birthday).

Knowing that I have a few followers who may not have heard of this technique, I decided to take pictures.

First, I pieced together five strips lengthwise.  The white strips were 1 1/2" wide. and the black 7/8" wide.  I used scant 1/4" seams, and reduced my stitch length from the 2.5 default to 1.5, as I knew I would be slicing it into smaller pieces.  

Then the resulting pieced length was cross cut into 3/4" strips.

Then a black strip, cut 7/8" wide, was added to one long side of each small white strip.  Again using a scant 1/4" seam allowance.  

The whole strip was cut into small segments, and these were sewn together long side to long side.

Here is the resulting long strip, which has been trimmed along each long side.  This long strip was placed over backed batting, and carefully centered.  Then wide white strips were sewn to each long side, using a sew and flip method.  This will now be machine quilted, trimmed to size and bound.  

I plan to link this to Lisa-Marie Sayre's Off the Wall Friday, and The Needle and Thread network.

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