Friday, May 19, 2017

More frustration

It's now two weeks since my sewing machine went into the shop.  While I was told it would be ready by a week ago last Wednesday, I've heard nothing, and when I called was firmly told that they would let me know when it was ready, and there was no need to call again.  Add to this the fact that my computer crashed at the beginning of the month, and the old one I fired up, died completely about a week ago.  No "diversion therapy" there. But I got my good computer back quite late on Wednesday.  It was sent in under warrantee, because the latch that holds the battery in place had broken. So they replaced the hard drive.  Go figure!

This leaves me with the option of  doing hand work, which is painful, but still satisfies my soul--to a certain extent.  So when my copy of the latest Quilting Arts Magazine arrived this week, and I spotted an article on mini-prayer flags, I gave it a try.  For sure I had enough scrap fabric and embellishments to use! LOL

I ended up making  10 of them, and plan to give them to family, and share with my fibre art support group. I started with scraps of Duippionni (sp) silk, and re-cycled kimono silk.  The plain bits I stamped with fake writing and mandala-like symbols, before stitching.

 It proved to be an interesting experiment with mindful stitching, as it gave me a chance to consider the symbolism of various colours and embellishments, certainly the symbolism to my way of thinking.  I'm quite happy with how this went.  It filled a two whole days for me, and I have some lively reminders of the time spent.

I plan to link this with Lisa Marie Sayres Off the Wall Friday, as well as The Needle and Thread Network.

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Laura McGrath said...

It sounds like you need to get another sewing machine ( or two) so you have a spare when one needs work. I have found great used ones as trade-ins at sewing machine stores or even for sale in used sewing machine groups on Facebook that were being sold by people fairly close to where I live.