Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Must be Spring!

Three weeks ago I was despairing that I couldn't seem to get any sort of handle on any sort of new original project.  Now I seem to have them coming out of my ears, and I'm getting dizzy trying to regain control.  "Be careful what you wish for"--lol

One project is for a new exhibition, just now in the planning stages.  If worse comes to worst, I will be able to use the piecet in another exhibition, so I will proceed.  The size and theme are established, but my interpretation of the theme may be a little weird, and the tentative title I'm working with is "Shadows of my Mind".  I have hand-dyed fabric for background and backing, using a LWI process combining grey and olive green Procion dye.  The piece is quite large, as the size requirements are quite large,  and really out of my comfort zone.  But one must stretch one's boundaries.

Here is the result.  the full view is actually double, as, as I said the piece is going to be large.

and a close up.

I then set up two separate dye baths of the two colours, in a much greater concentration, thinking of using the results as applique.  I used scraps of what I thought was the same fabric.  Not so.

Well, what is it they say--"Man plans, God laughs"?

Yesterday I discussed my plans with one of my fibre art support groups. It was suggested that, if I was thinking of using the concept of the "mind", in my design, I should see an exhibit currently running at The Manitoba Crafts Council C2 for Craft Gallery--Neurocraft.

This show involves  collaboration between several teams, each of which consisted of conversation and interaction between a neurobiologist from the University of Manitoba and an artist.  Several art/fine craft mediums were represented.  So today I went.  OMG!  I was blown away. The artist statements and the biographies of both the artists and the scientists were detailed.  My whole design process is being revised.  I am so-o-o pumped!  I have ideas for further research, and ideas for additional techniques.

One thing that I will have to carefully keep in mind is the differences between the concept of "mind", and the scientific reality of "brain".  How exciting!

I plan to link this with The Needle and Thread Network.

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I look forward to the next step in your journey.