Sunday, March 4, 2018

I must be out of my mind!

I've often written about the stash reduction process I've been working on over the past couple of years, and plan to continue working on for the coming year.  My daughter has often threatened, in fun, that when I go, she is going to have the biggest garage sale the neighbourhood has ever seen.  My goal over the next 6-8 months has been to go through all of the quilts and hangings I have stored in the studio.  Some will be discarded, and some re-purposed. I am also in the planning process for 5 exhibitions that I will be participating in between now and the end of November, and hope to find a few older pieces that I can use to fill out the display. I have written up a "to do" list for the studio that covers the rest of the year. 

 But my strength (?) is in procrastination, and the process is slow.  My husband is very supportive.  He often helps in the studio, and enjoys doing routine cutting for me.  As I write this he is sitting in front of the tv, cutting beads off a couple of hangings, for recycling. 

Today, was to have been an effort to re-purpose a hanging that we culled out a month ago.  Husband came to see what was going on, and looking for a job.  To my dismay, having seen the list, he decided that today was the day that we would go through a huge storage chest, and cull out the pieces stored there.  Within half an hour the total studio was in chaos, and the project for today abandoned on the sewing machine.  Decisions were made, and I was left with a pile of about 15 hangings that had to be re-purposed or disposed of. My husband had suggested that we send them to the thrift store.  The thought of doing this chilled my heart.  But, the idea of trying to figure out some way they could be re-purposed also terrified me.  I have better things to do with my time, and I could see several months work in this, probably with poor results.

So I cut them all up with my rotary cutter and threw them in the garbage.  Here they are in five gallon pails waiting to be taken out to the garbage bin.


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Angela said...

Wow! I just can't even imagine cutting up my work. I think you are way more prolific than I am. How blessed you are to have a husband that helps!

sherry said...

My Darling you are one brave woman!