Friday, May 27, 2016

Further navel gazing

The other evening, I had the opportunity to talk with another artist whose work I admire.  We are of a similar age, and at a similar stage in life.  She, however, has lived and worked as an artist, all of her life, and only in the past few years has expanded her interest into using fibre as a medium. She echoed my concerns about artist's block.  We agreed that we are both past the age of serious messages aimed at changing society, although, IMHO, she has a constant message about ecology in her work.  More specifically, we touched on two future exhibitions that we are both somewhat committed to, and the difficulty we are having finding a relationship or message relative to the theme.

The gist of our discussion is that we are at the stage in life when we can please ourselves and not worry about society, acceptance or pleasing others.

So, building on my previous post, I accept that I need to reduce my reliance on method and tradition, and do whatever the heck I want.  To that end, I'm now playing with an idea I've had for awhile, although the method was inspired by a technique I had seen done.  That doesn't matter.  Technique can't be copyright, and I'm going to experiment and please myself.

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