Monday, May 23, 2016

More introspection

While this blog is sometimes used to create  a chronological trail of things I create, it's also occasionally, used for me to sort out things in my own mind.  Recently on the  Quilt Art group on the internet ( ) there has been discussion about the definition of an "art" quilt.  I believe that many of the quilted pieces I produce are "art" quilts, but I started as a traditional quilter and that is where I find my comfort zone.  In times of stress, that's where I retreat.  In better times, I call myself a "fibre" artist, or simply an artist, and explore many various aspects of, and techniques of, art. Recently, for whatever reason, I have struggled to find a mechanism by which I can convey a message through my art.  It would appear that, for many people, a definition of art requires that there be a message, whether overt or covert.  When I produce a piece that contains a message, in my opinion, it often fails.  There is also the problem of determining a clear message.  I seem to be confused about what I'm trying to say.  ( I guess that is clear, from the difficulty I've had expressing myself, in the words above.)

Re-reading the above I wonder if what I'm trying to say is that;  My traditional quilter's comfort zone has expanded to include a variety of techniques, and I find myself trapped in that rut, not able to  figure out how to add the "message" to my work that would turn it into "art".  OMG!  Epiphany??  I gotta think about this one!

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