Friday, November 10, 2017

Not much progress around here

Maybe I'm in a creative slump. The little embroidery project is still troublesome, and the work slow, as I limit my work to about an hour a day.  It's on 36 count Aida fabric, and somewhat small for my current vision ( old age is a bitch)  Otherwise, I seem to be just procrastinating like a good thing.  I'm puddling along, working on small insignificant things.  Have made a good start on some ATC's that aren't needed until Dec 3rd.  Today I'll be putting the finishing touch on the last of the 3  large Christmas stockings I have made for charity, and have to be finished by Dec 14th.  I managed to pick up the ribbon I needed for the final bow on the cuff, that turns the last stocking into an very acceptable effort instead of a "ho-hum" thing.  I had to wait until Christmass-y stuff was in the stores.

There's lots of stuff on my "to do" list.  I have a night shirt to finish for my husband, which I hope to get done tomorrow.  Some of the thread I ordered for the new reliquary should arrive early next week, so the next thing will be more preparatory work on that.  I've always found December and January good months to work on charity quilts, as that is something I can pick up and put down fairly easily, when family or social events intrude on studio time.  Then there are the two serious exhibition quilts that are ready for sandwiching and machine quilting. The basting would be a full days work.

But--I just need to get down to it, and stop reading books and drinking coffee!

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