Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Still procrastinating

I'm a little disappointed that the thread I ordered on Nov 8 wasn't shipped until Nov 18th.  No wonder it didn't arrive last week.  And still no sign of the other thread that was ordered last month.

So-o-o, a long talk with myself, acknowledging that, even when the threads do arrive, most of the work on the reliquary will be done by hand.  So why not start a new machine project, before I make myself crazy?

For awhile now I've been talking about all of the hexies that I've basted over the past year, cutting up any and all scrap fabrics that arrive on my work table.  Many of them have gone into the larger hexie quilt that I'm hoping to finish for a judged quilt show, but there have been a lot of others that didn't fit that colour scheme.  My thought had been to make those up into work bags like the ones my Mother and Grandmother used to keep their knitting in.  With so many crafters going into  knitting, and hand sewing or embroidery--so called "slow stitching",  these just might be something that could sell. There would be minimal construction cost, as most fabric would come from my stash.  So this week I started on the first of them.  I have one that I finished quite some time ago to use as a model, and now have the basic body of the grey  bag pieced and quilted, by machine.  Now it just has to be lined, and sewn onto the handles.  I have both a purple and  blue one planned, and the hexies, and wooden dowels ready.  

This should keep me busy and off the streets for the next week or so.

I plan to link this with The Needle and Thread Network.

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HollyM said...

Great idea! I love the grey hexies!