Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The past couple of weeks have been somewhat frustrating.  Last weekend I taught a two day Machine and Free Motion Quilting class that went well.  As there always is, there was one troublesome student, but she had been e-mailing me in the weeks leading up to the class and I knew she might have problems.  

I have come up with an idea for a project, my own design, but using some techniques borrowed from a well know teacher.  I treated myself to an internet class she teaches, to see what I could learn about how she approaches these techniques, as I have only read about them. I have been following along the class project, and am finding that I haven't been this frustrated in years.  Now I have to figure out if it's me, or if the techniques are not as easy as she makes them out to be.  Some of the difficulties may also be my unfamiliarity with some of the materials used.  

One good thing to come out of the class is that I was forced to buy some commercial fabric.  I haven't bought commercial fabric in years, but off I trotted to the LQS.  What fun!!  I had no idea how the quilting world has changed in the past few years.  It was like a combination of "Alice in Wonderland", and Christmas, all in one day.  I rationalized the whole thing by telling myself that the fabric might also be useful in the planned project

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