Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The journey continues

Obviously it's been awhile since I last posted.  Some of that time was spent preparing for a beading class I taught last Saturday, but time was also spent in looking for options to the hand stitching that has been my mainstay for many, many years.  I mentioned taking several Craftsy classes to see if I could find some sort of machine techniques that I could use to facilitate my creative drive.  This strategy has lead to mixed success, and will need some re-evaluation.That creative drive has always been apart of my life.  I can  remember making my own paper dolls, and drawing and colouring clothing for them when I was barely old enough to hold scissors.  

Over the past few weeks the deterioration in my hand function has become more and more an issue.  Always, in the past, I have been able to use my training and experience as an Occupational Therapist to adapt my working methods to accommodate my diminishing function, but now I'm being forced to into the acceptance of an "end stage" to that process.  This isn't easy.  My hand function has been a source of self esteem and productive creativity for almost 70 years.  I feel as though I have nothing left, and that anything I attempt, from now on, will be second best.

Of course, I'm in the depths of some sort of grieving process.  I will have to work that through before I will be able to see any thing positive about what's going on.  In the past I have used this blog to sort out my thinking and try to make sense of things in my life, and today is no exception.  So, for the rest of the day, I'm going to "wallow"  in feeling sorry for myself, but I promise to start trying to look forward tomorrow. 

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