Friday, November 27, 2015

Back to UFO's

While browsing through "stuff" to find those elusive UFO's, I stumbled on three pieces that were sandwiched last spring, were ready for quilting, and totally forgotten.  So after finishing my ATC's for this months exchange, I started on them.  I've also found two small quilts that would be suitable for  charity quilts. So my hope is to have, at least, 4 quilts to take to the next meeting of the LQG, and donate to charity.  One of the sandwiched pieces is much more an art piece than any sort of charity quilt, and I'm not sure what's in its future.

I've also discovered two quilts in progress.  Both are traditional quilts, with most of the pieces cut, and a few of the squares put together, but no where near enough to make me want to sit down and get to work piecing.  Both had been kept as there were memories attached, but those are my memories, so the project would be pretty well meaningless to anyone else.  Both are probably headed to the garbage.  I just have to "gird my loins" and do the deed.  I also found a partially done quilt that would be worth finishing as a charity quilt, and a larger piece for which all of the squares have been pieced and are ready to put together.  Those two pieces have joined the "finishing queue".

I also discovered that the local quilt show--a big one--is the same weekend next spring as I'm out of town teaching. There would be no problem getting things to the show, either for the exhibition and boutique, but I wouldn't be able to pick them up from the venue at the appropriate time.  This is a major disappointment, as I had spent the last year preparing myself to enter the competition.

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marsha said...

couldn't someone pick them up for you? I am sure you would be able to designate someone to make it nobody would think they were trying to steal them...