Thursday, March 10, 2016

Add-ons ready

While I still haven't finished the hand embroidery, the add-ons are ready to go.  Eleven wrapped circles, and 28 fabric-wrapped straw beads in three different sizes.  In previous projects, the beads have been wrapped with various decorative yarns before using--a great way to use up bits of yarn--but I decided to attached them with embroidery in black and red thread instead.

Here they are laid out on the piece, but not yet attached, mainly because I'm not sure how to do it --yet.  I also need to finish the embroidery, and having laid them out, I see a couple of places where I need to add extra embroidery--likely by machine--before I put the beads on.  I'm also considering adding a puffy section of gold printed organza in the center of the circles.  I've used this on other pieces and like the effect.

Here is a close-up of the front and back complete with roof sections.  I was going to attach two fabric decorated straw beads on top of the closure, but, unfortunately the ones I've made are slightly too long.  I either have to make new ones, or come up with an alternative.

I'm wanting to put black bugle beads between the lines of embroidery, but I'm not sure I have any long ones, or, if I do, I may not have enough.  This means a search through the bead cupboard--an intimidating proposition.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to go out and buy more instead of mounting a lengthy search.

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