Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sigh of Relief

The small purses are finished.  I've had a chance to look at other small purses on the internet, and I'm really impressed with the quality of workmanship that I'm seeing.  I wish I was that good.  Once the alligators that are currently circling, (and probably will be for a few days) disappear, I think I'll look into this further.  The other side of that is that the internet purses I'm seeing may be original designs, ( I have no way of knowing), but 'm only seeing commercial fabric.  So mine remain unique in that I'm using fabric that I've created.  I also need to investigate the internet selling sites that so many vendors seem to use.

Those alligators were delivered by the classes I'm teaching over the next couple of weeks, all of which had to be totally revised and new samples made (My health issues have meant no teaching in over a year.  Add to that a request for a professional resume, including pictures.  Six months ago this wouldn't have been a problem, but with my computer crash this spring, I lost my Photo Shop Elements program, and haven't been able to replace it.  I may be able to use the photo manipulation program that came with the new computer, but that will involve a learning curve, as well as new photos--and the resume is wanted asap!

While all of this may appear to be a fairly minor problem, I'm wrestling with the question of whether I really want to resume teaching or not.  I'm not even sure I'm capable of teaching any more, as my skills have suffered along with my health, but on the plus side, I know that my knowledge base is intact.  And the extra income wouldn't hurt.

Meanwhile the reliquary is still sitting on my work table demanding attention--and rightfully so!

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