Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shopping trip

I rarely shop for supplies these days, and now find I'm really out of the loop in terms of local shops.  My "go to" LQS and machine repair depot has moved.  Don't know where, and not too worried about it right now.  My objective was some long black bugle beads for the reliquary.  So I first stopped in the bead store closest to home, and was blown away by the changes I saw in the shop--positive changes in my opinion.  Talking to the clerk I was very surprised to find out that she had taken the store over two years ago.  Two years!  Where have I been?

While we were talking, a fairly new LQS came up, and I was told that this one has moved as well.  I had been in when she first opened, and even bought some stuff from her.  An old friend had owned an embroidery store for a number of years, and I had followed her journey from being a little hole in the wall, to being the "go to" store for a large area, and even an influence across the whole country.  A long and sometimes quite difficult journey, so I knew what this newbie quilt store owner faced.  Well--she is doing quite well and has just moved into larger quarters.  Not only is she selling the type of the fabric that I would have been interested in at the LQS that has moved --somewhere, but she is in the process of renovating the area to include a fabric dyeing area.  OMG!!  She is also bringing in a high profile teacher.  Way to go!

While I'm not into craft or art sales right now, I did still have some stock left.  Two friends talked me into signing up for a local art show, and taking this stuff in, in hopes of getting rid of it.  So I paid my fee.  Last Wednesday my local fibre art support group--The Fibre Art Divas--met at my house.  We each talk about what we're doing so I mentioned taking some "junk" to a sale.  They asked further, and I ended up showing them what I had, and they bought more than half of it--not what I had expected at all!  So I'm now in the position of having to produce some more "junk" for the sale or loose all of the fees I paid.  I decided that the small purses I make, out of mono-prints that don't work for anything else, would be the quickest and easiest thing.  Today I pulled 15 prints, and found two pieces of hand dye that could be used without too much further embellishment. I have two weeks to finish them.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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