Sunday, April 8, 2018

More to think about

As well as the dis-quiet that came form my visit to the quilt show on Friday, today I received the judging notes on the quilt I had entered into competition, at the show.  There was absolutely no comment on the design, the colour, or the techniques used, but rather, some very pointed comments on my finishing work.  At first I was snarky, but driving home,  I gave some thought to what was said, especially as the comments were so very specific.  I have done so very much in the way of finishing quilted pieces, that I am now wondering if I've become complacent, and this has lead to some poor work habits.  Finishing is on auto-pilot for me.  Now, I think I need to take another look at what I'm doing, and force myself to be just as careful and fastidious about the finishing as I am about everything else.  Maybe I needed this "kick in the head"  to make me aware of how many poor work habits I've developed.

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marsha said...

I was at the quilt show this past weekend...however I don't tend to look at the names of the quilt artist because usually I have no idea who they are. Too bad I didn't realize you had a quilt in the show...I would have looked more closely!