Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Putting in time

The LQG is having a show this weekend.  This is quite a large show, utilizing the huge ballroom of a local hotel and several of the smaller meeting rooms as well.  It's a major fundraiser for the Guild, and a lot of effort is put into it.  This year we have almost 170 quilts entered into the show, either for judging or simply for show.  There will also be vendors from across the country, and sometimes, even from the USA.  This afternoon we dropped off my entry for the judged competition, and the items that I've made for the  "boutique" operated by the Guild itself.

I am low on several types of supplies, and am waiting for the chance to visit the many vendors over the weekend.  Until I can be sure that I get the supplies I need, I'm putting in time making charity quilts for the Guild's special projects.  I finished one this morning, and now have a second one finished.  I don't think I've ever finished two in one day 

Here is the first one.  This is about 40" sq. It is made from a pattern supplied through the Guild, and I have no idea of the source.

And here is the second one.  This is also a pattern taken off the internet with no identification of the designer, although it appears to be a variation of a traditional Chinese Coins pattern.  It is 42" by 38".

Here is the back.  I very rarely piece my backs, and when I do it's usually a matching fabric, but I like this one.  The  toile is a few remnants I acquired.

I plan to link this with The Needle and Thread Network, and Nina-Maire Sayre's Off the Wall Friday.

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