Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Last week I posted about a 12 by 12 I had finished.  This week there are a couple more and a fourth one in progress, for posting about next week.

Here is the first one. As always, I am driven by colour, and this piece was designed around the blue and grey/silver fused glass.  This glass was created by June Derksen, who has produced just about all of the fused glass I use in my pieces.

And here is a close up.  The fused glass is well glued in place,  Sorry folks, there is no way to stitch pieces this large, and guarantee that they won't fall off.  The white background is  polyester jacquard, and the blue is Diuppioni silk, which was also used for the binding and backing.

The second 12 by 12 is also Diuppioni silk.  When I started working with it, I had thought it was a basic grey, but I quickly realized it had a purple/ mauve cast, and was able to pair it with a batik I found in my stash.  I really like this one.  The textured bits are Tyvek, heated and then painted.  

When planning the beading, I had several very nice, dark purple bits, that I had thought were chip beads, but they turned out to be fused glass.  I was very disappointed, and had to scramble to find replacements in my bead stash, but it worked out!

The one in progress in cherry red, gold and black.  I found a lovely piece of Ultra-suede in my stash ( or maybe it isn't.  Sure feels like it though) to use for background.  It's too heavy to use for binding, but I paired it with another batik, than can be used for that.  Right now I'm trying to embellish it with gold thread, and the sewing machine is fighting the process.  A pain in the neck, but it should be worth it in the long run.

I plan to link this with The Needle and Thread Network.

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Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

I really like the purple-mauve one!